That mainly produce labels and special labels is true, but we are dealing with a number of other products such as labels, flexible packaging, endless belts or tickets. Today we are able through acquisition of technology make a contract in any capacity at a very competitive price.

Security labels

This kind of label fully protects your products. We can add such elements like holographic hot or cold stamp, special colour that is visible only under UV light, very small letters or sophisticated die cuts. Or these technologies could be combinated with the special materials.

Digital printing

Digital printing is a kind of technology suitable ideally for small series, printing of variable information or for some types of promo labels. These labels have higher resistence to abrasion, temperature and weather conditions.


Covers and labels with a special symbol which allows to return back plastic bottles. Neighbouring countries like Germany use such labels very often. Colognia press obtained the certification for printing DPG and thanks to this certification became one of few producer within EU.

Flexible Covers

Covers which are produced from the materials certified for using in beverage, for example suitable for packages production. You can choose from many variables qualities (like transparency, aroma preservation, moisture resistance and many others).

Hot or cold stamp

The two subtilization technologies which make the product shiny. Moreover the cold stamp is increasingly cheaper then even before. We can reach the metallic tone for any kind of shade, not only for obligatory gold and silver.

Peel off

Great tool for labels which does not fit with the large product description. The mandatory information is placed under the top label on second layer of sandwich.

Rotary printscreen

Rotary printscreen gets the label luxurious look. Such technology is used for Braille printing to the laminates tubes. In 2010 Colognia press obtained prestige award for this special product from Worldstar for Packaging.

Wash off

Sophisticated selfadhesive foil that is easily washable in the water bath. It is transparent so it seems that there is no label on the product.
Ask us, if possible, mainly for the production of labels or stickers printing
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