Machine equipment

We use the best possible technologies for printing your labels. It is noticeable on the quality.

Our machine equipment were produced primarily by the Swiss company Gallus which is represented by company Heidelberg in Czech market. This equipment allows to print with eight colours either UV or water based. It is suitable for Braille as well. Thanks to this equipment we can print directly to adhesive or produce the labels with glue elimination. We can produce hot or cold stamp, embosing or peel off technology which permits to produce labels with more layers.

Our equipment for continuous rolls exchange permit incessant order production without any break. It has influence on the speed and price of production.

From 2011 we produce the labels also by digital printing. The biggest advantages of this technology are chemical resistance and higher light permanency. Digital printing is suitable for the small quantities.

We realize that also the labels finalization is very important, we have many finalization equipment to disposal. You can get the labels placed on rolls, on sheets or cik-cak folded.

Image 0 - RCS
Image 1 -

Image 2 - Cyrel Fast
Cyrel Fast
Image 3 - Omega ABG
Omega ABG
Image 4 - Recepturovací systém
Recepturovací systém
Image 5 -

Image 6 -

Image 7 -

Image 8 -

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