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Lack of materials and rising inflation are accelerating changes in line with Colognia's vision from 2021


New production facilities, higher efficiency based on process management and automation and development of employee competencies. This is a way to summarize the key points of our company's new vision for the coming years.

Over the past year, management, with the consent of the company's owners, has defined a new vision for the company until 2028. Let us now briefly introduce the content of our new direction.

What awaits us this year?

The main project in 2022 is the implementation of the Helios Nephrite ERP system, which will allow us to work and plan more efficiently. This year, we are also focusing on shortening the lead time of orders and stabilizing delivery dates.

What are we going to do on an ongoing basis?

  • The current way of functioning based on the competencies of a few key employees will be gradually supplemented by process control and automation.

  • Creating a software-driven process model to increase an organization's productivity, laying the groundwork for automation.

  • This sets the basis for new printing standards, product portfolio, delivery times and prices. This package should bring clear and visible benefits for our customers.

  • Construction of a new plant on a newly purchased estate in the industrial zone on the outskirts of Kolín. We tentatively plan to move the company in the beginning of 2025.

The logical connection to the new direction is, among other things, the need to develop the soft and hard competencies of all our employees. At the same time, we want to keep our values that are based on what the company has been like throughout its existence.

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