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Awards and Certifikations

We have won the Company of the year 2018 for Central Bohemia region

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Colognia press took a part in the final evening of the Vodafone Company of the year 2018 to present and win successfully. Along with it, the company again received the title of Vodafone Responsible Company in 2018.

Colognia press ranks among the most well-known printing companies in the Czech Republic producing wide range of products that is constantly extending. It is a purely Czech company having the most up-to-date facilities. Last year she finished second in the same race and this year she won.

The jury was charmed. "The jury's business has taken on the story. We can see their labels on products around us and it is certainly interesting to have labels with Braille, "said Renata Pazourková, a jury member from Vodafone Czech Republic. Major customers of the company include: Foxconn, DHL, Tchibo or Vitana. 

Vodafone Responsible Company in 2018

This award was awarded by Vodafone Czech Republic in cooperation with the Vodafone Foundation and Colognia Press has been given it for the second time. The Jury of the Vodafone Foundation particularly appreciated a wide range of employee benefits, equal access to male and female reward, and personal development and education.