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Healthy Sales Group - Switchle

A challenge of the 21th century - an order to print graphically impeccable and technically demanding labels on cans of refreshing beverage "Switchle".

The Story of Healthy Sales Group

Healthy Sales Group provides manufacturing, sales and marketing activities to premium British companies in the healthy food industry. Healthy Sales Group offers complex services for a booming sector. Healthy Sales Group supports the growth of established brands. Healthy Sales Group implements market launches of new and reliable brands. Healthy Sales Group is led by experienced Managing Director Cliff Moss who has previously held senior director positions in companies Green & Blacks and Whole Earth Foods and others. In his team are top managers and marketing specialists. Being approached by this team we perceive without any exaggeration like appreciation and expression of trust. And their order we got in March 2018.


Requirements of the Customer

The customer contacted us thanks to the recommendation of BEVERAGESCOUTS from Austria. For them we already print shrink vinyl packaging for AL cans since nearly a year. The customer required a impeccable graphical implementation of a range of three label themes. In order to deliver the exact Pantone shade of the main theme we have chosen conventional flexographic printing. The customer was very precise and therefor he arrived from UK especially for the production launch and for the confirmation of the graphical look of the label in person. According to his words the result was very excellent and he was delighted by the quality of our printing and by the quality of our services in general.


Switchle - an innovation on British market

Cliff Moss and his new product development and marketing teams have got the perfect feel for the market needs. They know where to find and how to launch products that cater to modern consumer tastes. Full of determination they launch new products and introduce them to the consumer. An example is a unique organic non-alcoholic beverage based on sparkling spring water, apple vinegar with matcha, honey, natural juices, and carefully selected botanical extracts that have been used for centuries in their native countries for their health benefits. Switchle was launched in three fabulous flavour combinations: Matcha, Lime and Mint; Turmeric, Ginger and Peach; and Rooibos, Raspberry and Pomegranate. Switchle is a refreshing and tasty adult soft drink with health promoting properties.


Switchle isn't only healthy and tasty but it has got an interesting story as well. Its history dates back for two and half thousand years. Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, prescribed apple cider vinegar mixed with honey for a strong immunity and a healthy mind. After many centuries this popular drink hasn't lost anything of its popularity. In 17th century a new chapter was added to its history. This chapter of 'Switchel', as it was called, was written by hard-working farmers of the American Midwest who cultivated the rough landscapes into blossoming fields with their sweat. And 'Switchel' consisting of healthy natural nutrients refreshed them during hot days.


Today Switchle is proud of magnificent traditions, excellent flavours and top-class quality. Healthy Sales Group took care of its market launch and not surprisingly, at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2018, the UK’s largest expo for natural and organic products, Switchle won the Judges Choice Award for best new product beating 300 new food, drink and beauty products to the top spot.


The team of Cliff Moss knows well that a product of quality is the sine-qua-non condition. To raise the consumers' demand it's of similar importance to present the product in a modern way, to pack it in a cutting-edge style and print a label of outstanding quality. The marketing specialists of Healthy Sales Group haven't left anything to chance. For the packaging and label printing they have sought an experienced and reliable supplier who not only catches their attention with perfect samples but who delivers high quality in any batches for the complete contract period. It's a honour that this task was assigned to us at Colognia press. 


Switchle is not only of great flavour but tells a fascinating story. And our quality printing contributes to its fairy-tale fame. A humble floral design evokes "the good old times" of Victorian era and combines them with funny motives from hard times North American settlers faced. 

Our Solution


We used an adhesive label of fasson shrink vinyl and the packaging was printed by flexography. We could harmonize the characteristics of the label, printing and the packaging material. The graphical design suits the tin and creates an impressive metallic effect. The label has got a luxury appearance and it's completely resistant against condensation.


This drink was proven by centuries and our printing allows its qualities to shine. We were attracted by this demanding prestigious order. We started our tasks with great fervour and passion. We applied all of our experience and craftmanship, our dedication and our keen interest. Our efforts were appreciated with a merit award. In June 2018 we have won the award Packaging of the Year 2018 in Beverages category. It's a honour to participate and to contribute to the successful journey of Switchle across continents.


Evaluation by the Customer

„Aleš Paula and his team were fantastic every step of the way. Their attention to detail and quality was phenomenal, as was their hospitality, and we couldn’t have been happier with the result. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for any printing needs.”

Carlo Buckley (Business Opportunities Manager, Healthy Sales Group)

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