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Vitana is an up-to-date food processing company. 
Currently, Vitana employs 600 employees.

The Story of Vitana


Vitana's history started already in 1919. In April 2013 it became part of the Norwegian multinational group Orkla ASA - a leader on the Scandinavian market. Its current product portfolio consists of more than 300 products manufactured in Bysice, Varnsdorf and Roudnice nad Labem.


Seminar on "Variable data in real life"


Colognia is the market leader in innovations and in printing technologies. Regarding product portfolio the company is able to offer a wide range of possibilities - starting with conventional printing (above all flexography and silkscreen printing) up to the latest digital technologies. We tried to find out how to deliver this piece of information to current customers and eventually to invite new potentional customers and partners. Therefor we organized in January of this year a first seminar with the aim to represent the possibilities of printing digital data based on technology HP Indigo WS 6800 and software HP SmartStream Mosaic. We wanted to approach a strong partner with whom we would grow together. We started a cooperation with one of the biggest Czech food processing companies, with Vitana a.s..


Requirements of the Customer


The representatives of Vitana took part in this workshop. While the presentation was under way it became already apparent that we share the same chemistry. Vitana requested a shrink sleeve for steak sauces. First we played with the idea that each bottle could be completely unique. Thanks to software for the customization of printing data we can crate infinite variations of different packagings. Just imagine a packaging with the same product, the same steak sauce, on a shelf. The difference consists in the fact that each bottle shows off in different colours and thus at choosing customers can decide based on emotions.


Each steak sauce can have its unique style. Ready to go we have presented our version of Mexico style sauces. Our version of the packaging was an interesting one but we have chosen a more traditional style.The marketing department surprised us in a pleasant way with their idea. Let's make "Gorilling" out of steak sauces. Just imagine a happy grilling gorilla. The goal is to create a colourful funny shrink sleeve in small series which would change the design of the current packaging. It's a perfect idea and why not make use of our technologies and advantages of digital printing?


Our Solution


A fast production of a testing batch. Within seven days a 3D simulation of printing data deformation and a test in the manufacturing plant took place, supported by our expert technical supervision. The first test wasn't successful but we did not give up. For the next test we brought a sample on three different materials. One of them delivered the expected results and we scored.


A low order volume and market implementation. Based on successful test 18 000 pieces with four themes were ordered. The production was flawless and the product was introduced on the market. In the following weeks we verified that this project works on the market and that the sales volume of this product grows. Thanks to this we got another order for two more flavours which were decorated by a gorilla.


Zero procurement costs for pre-print preparation. Thanks to digital technology HP Indigo we are able to cope with any changes within legislation or other graphic solutions according to demands of our customer. The deadline stays for orders of new designs or repeated mistakes. Printing of direct inks. Today we are able to print 98% of all Pantone colours, thus there wasn't any issue with the logo.


Evaluation by the Customer


"Digital printing opens new possibilities how to approach the consumer and how to react more easily to market trends. Already now we experience a shortening life-time of designs which make us produce small and even smaller print series. The application of digital Printing right in front of the barbecue season with a grilling gorilla was a logical choice. The limited edition with a low print run was a first swallow. According to positive input from internal and external clients we believe that in the future we will make use of variable data, too. They leverage consumer communication to another level. At the same time we appreciate the flexibility of Colognia towards our demands and their open minded approach at creating designs."

Katerina Stepankova

(Category Manager Purchasing)


Thanks to this project we have got further needed experience which will enhance our performance. Don't be afraid of adventurous ideas and try to realize your creativity with us. Then we would be able to tell your story as well ...

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