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For printing we use the best devices of this world. You can see this on the quality of our products.

OUr printing presses were mainly produced by the Swiss company Gallus which is represented by the company Heidelberg on the Czech market. They can print up to eight colours either based on UV or water. They can print with two silkscreen units which is suitable for printing Braille.Thanks to this set-up we offer printing into adhesives or elimination of the adhesives, cold and hot embossing, print on the reverse or peel-off technology which enables us to manufacture layered labels which allow to fit essential texts under an awesome top label.


Our device for a continuous supply of rolls enables us to process an order without interruptions which shows in speed and price of the production. Beside time delay any stop causes material waste at aligning and this happens at each roll exchange. We also offer rotary cut-out devices and a 100% printing output check.