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Digital print

Since 2011 we print digitally as well.

Technology Description


Beside many other advantages printing by inkjet technology stands out by high chemical resistance and light permanence. Therefor it is suitable for exteriors. This technology is assigned for small batches of labels where the printing preparations don't add to the production costs because they consist only of editing the data for printing. On-line laser cut-out processes any cut-out immediately.

In black we can apply variable data as well, eg. QR codes, bar codes, bit maps etc.


  • Conventional printing on any type of material
  • Matte paper
  • Gloss paper


  • Suitable for small batches
  • Printing of high quality
  • Higher heat resistance sunlight and sterilization included, resistance agains friction
  • Laser cut-out
  • Variable data - QR codes, bar codes, bit maps
  • Printing on transparent materials due to CMYK+W technology (surplus complete coat of varnish)

Picturess of the Digital Printing Presses