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We operate a variety of refining devices which meet the most demanding requirements of our customers.

Because we are aware that the finishing of your prints is important as well we operate a variety of finishing devices which meet any requirements regarding your demands of the printed product. The labels can be delivered in rotary version, on sheets or folded.


Refine, protect, highlight details and draw attention to your products!

Tuning is allowed, often just needed. If you hesitate to make use of finishing technologies, just ask our technological experts and get their advice.

We recommend to you just the perfect finishing touches.

Especially regarding varnishes there is a variety of possibilities - silkscreen high build relief varnish, migration-resistant and chemically resistant varnish, for tactile refining there is suede ink, soft-touch, matte or semimatte varnish.

Hot Embossing 


Hot embossing achieves even better high-quality effects in gloss and matte variants and differen shades of colours. What do we use it for? Just ask, we'd love to provide some inspiration to you.


Cold Embossing 

Exclusive metallic look of premium products. Embossing (so called glittering effect) isn't limited at Colognia press just to gold or silver variant anymore - just choose your shade and this for an interesting price as well.

Applied in Cosmetics, Pharma and Food Supplements


Holographical Elements 

Label protection

They serve as protection of your product thanks to special holographical element which prevent counterfeit products.

Applied in Pharma, Cosmetics etc.



Complete coating by lamination

Lamination serves primarily as improvement of chemical resistance and resistaence against friction of printed materials.

Applied in Chemistry, Electrical Industry, Food-processing


Printing into Adhesive 

Suitable add-on of peel off labels

For duplex labels we apply socalled "printing into adhesive" on the reverse of printed material.

Applied in Chemical Industry (Oils, Agents, Multi-clustered Labels atc.), Pharma


Double Cut-out 

Protection element for socalled "destructive" labels

At processing this label it is pre-cut or in-cut which results in its destruction if removed.

Applied at Retail Packaging, Document Protection, One-time Seals



Linear punching of the printed material

Applied for any controlled type of label stub removal wherever desirable.

Just pull your crackers.



Infinite band of folded labels

They come in a special box for a non-stop label application without any delay at the packaging device.

We don't stop at any time.