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Screen printing

Fitting the label with a touch of luxury.

Technology Description


Clean lines, changing gloss and matte, coats of ink tactile by a touch. With this technology we print also Braille on laminate tubes which was appreciated with the highest prize of the World Packaging Organization. Thanks to silkscreen printing we can apply multiply more ink or coats of high build varnish. Thus we can achieve relief effects at texts and at coats of high build ink. This technology enables us to print Braille as well. And what about quality? We deal with a font size starting at at 0.75 mm.



  • Suitable for adhesive and non-adhesive materials
  • Laminate tubes (Prize of the World Packaging Organization)


  • Refining operations processed at printing
  • Multiple coats of ink and their complete fit
  • Braille
  • Emphasizing of important graphic elements
  • High build relief as alternative to embossing

Pictures of the Screen Printing Machines