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We are certified in all important areas of quality and safe work environment.

We have got all important certificates of quality and safe work environment. A certificate is a good thing. For us, it's not just a piece of paper, our company can make use of standards. And a quality system helps for sure.



Also this year we continue to manufacture the labels for refundable bottles - DPR (Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH]. End of August we have passed the certification and we continue to offer the manufacturing of this specific and demanding product. It's foreign breweries and beverage companies who request DPG labels most often.



Dear customers,

In connection with another legislative restriction resulting from the European Commission Regulation on the use of Bisphenol A (BPA), we would like to inform you that our company is changing the offer of thermographic labels. The new materials are based on BPA-free, the composition of the materials meets the requirements of this Regulation without reservation. Please note that older inventory needs to be processed as quickly as possible.

Certificates of Colognia Press