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We have been producing self-adhesive labels for 27 years and we are sticking to it. During this time we have grown into one of the largest printing houses in the Czech Republic with a wide range of products.


Our product portfolio includes a wide range of self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging, shrink sleeve packaging, laminate printing, and bespoke reel prints.
You can also take inspiration from our sector-divided portfolio for better orientation.

Industry solutions

We supply our products to a wide range of customers. Each industry solution has its own specifics and special needs. The experience gained over the lifetime of Colognia press is our unique contribution to the professional cooperation we enjoy with many diverse clients.


We use the best machines in the world, operated by true masters of their craft. And it shows in our quality. 

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Pet food

Pet food

At Colognia we keep pets in mind. Customers want the best for their four-legged friends and an attractive packaging design often plays an important role here – just a description with the ingredients will no longer suffice. With labels or flexible packaging we bring you great options to differentiate yourself in the marketplace and impress.

Specifics of pet food packaging

The production of animal feed, vitamins, treats, cosmetics, and hygiene products is constantly growing, and the competition in packaging these products is becoming comparable to products aimed at humans. Here we are considering both the aesthetic function and the packaging's resistance to external influences (UV radiation, air, and humidity) as well as its ability to preserve the quality of the inside contents despite these factors.

Packaging type

Self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging can be found on almost every pet product. In both cases, it is all about the originality of the design as well as the practical side of the packaging – conveying to customers the necessary information about the composition and properties of the contents.

Our machines enable us to print precise graphic labels in up to ten colours, including possible finishing options such as cold embossing, varnishing, and lamination, which add a touch of luxury to the packaging. In combination with rotary screen printing, we can also create braille labels that make the product more accessible to blind customers. If you need more space to print important information on smaller packages, peel-off labels are a convenient option.

Technologies used

We keep all customers in mind, which means we offer suitable solutions for both small and large batches of self-adhesive labels or flexible packaging. You can use digital printing technology or conventional printing on flexographic printing machines. The maximum print width from the reel for flexo presses is 440 mm, for digital printing it is 330 mm.

Materials used

For flexible packaging, the most commonly used variant is triplex films, which include an aluminum barrier. It helps preserve the quality of the contents inside the packaging without contamination from outside. Duplex materials or single-layer films are another frequently chosen option.

When it comes to self-adhesive labels, the sky really is the limit. There is a very wide range of materials available, so focusing on the productís purpose and the specific requirements of the label is important. For soft, squishy surfaces, polyethylene (PE) is suitable, for glass jars and hard surfaces it is better to choose polypropylene (PPE). When selecting the material, it is also a good idea to keep in mind subsequent recycling. The goal should be packaging made of one material, not a combination of materials. 

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