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Self-adhesive labels

Adhesive labels, stickers, stick-on labels, self-adhesive labels, there are many names for this consumption material which allows to post information on packagings.

Decription of the Product


Adhesive labels are applied across all segments and you meet them anywhere. Their most prosaic task is to bear information but they provide also protection and safety. There are graphical and logistical labels for later data-entry. They differ in terms of material, adhesive or design complexity. Labels can be delivered in rotary version, in sheets or folded.


Starting with basic materials and adhesivess up to customized solutions. We cooperate with with leading manufactureres, our product range is pretty appealing and we are able to provide an offer for everybody.


  • Rich opportunities for refining
  • Cold or hot embossing
  • Rotary silkscreen printing
  • Lamination or varnish application
  • Processing of small and also huge batches
  • Customized production
  • Printing into the glue
  • Duplex printing