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We have been producing self-adhesive labels for 27 years and we are sticking to it. During this time we have grown into one of the largest printing houses in the Czech Republic with a wide range of products.


Our product portfolio includes a wide range of self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging, shrink sleeve packaging, laminate printing, and bespoke reel prints.
You can also take inspiration from our sector-divided portfolio for better orientation.

Industry solutions

We supply our products to a wide range of customers. Each industry solution has its own specifics and special needs. The experience gained over the lifetime of Colognia press is our unique contribution to the professional cooperation we enjoy with many diverse clients.


We use the best machines in the world, operated by true masters of their craft. And it shows in our quality. 

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Self-adhesive labels

Sticky on one side, pretty on the other.

Removable, permanent, security, transparent, graphical, logistical... none of our products offer as many options as self-adhesive labels. They differ not only in the type of adhesive or material, but also in their function. Some inform, others caution, others attract attention through their design, or are used for later imprinting. Our portfolio is very extensive, we have something for everyone.

Benefits of self-adhesive labels

  • Up to 10 colours can be printed.
  • Choose from a range of finishing processes: hot embossing, cold embossing, rotary screen printing, lamination, or varnishing.
  • We can print a series of labels from hundreds of pieces up to thousands of running metres.

Method of production and printing

Production of self-adhesive labels depends on your needs: production is always bespoke, and we use both flexographic printing machines and digital printing.

Flexographic printing allows you to use up to 10 units for inks and/or subsequent finishing processes. By maximizing material widths at 440 mm, we can print multiple productions side by side. This makes production more efficient and cost-effective. We offer printing on adhesives and a range of finishing processes, such as hot or cold embossing, lamination, and special varnishes. Rotary screen printing is an excellent alternative to embossing – we can apply embossing varnish, or higher layers of ink, to achieve perfect coverage.

In contrast, digital printing is the ideal choice for short runs, or when you want each label to have a unique design. The variable data and numbering option will save you a lot of work and time with any later imprinting. Digital printing also offers finishing options such as cold embossing, lamination, or varnishing.

We supply labels on a reel, in sheets, or folded – depending on your requirements.


The labelling possibilities are endless: on honey, wine, beer shampoo, tyres or brake discs – yes, even here! Self-adhesive labels are simply all around us. We encounter them daily in every market segment.



We print self-adhesive labels on adhesive papers or adhesive films.

Adhesive papers

Adhesive paper labels matt, semi-gloss, or glossy. Semi-gloss paper is fairly typical. Combined with a variety of adhesives, depending on the application.

Adhesive PE film

Adhesive polyethylene (PE) film is flexible and suitable for shaped substrates (bags, flexible surfaces). It is available in transparent or white versions with different types of adhesives.

Adhesive PET film

The properties of adhesive polyester (PET) film make it suitable for special applications. It is highly heat resistant and represents a possible solution for indoor and outdoor use. It is available in white, metallic, and transparent versions. The transparent variant has excellent transparency. Combined with a variety of adhesives, depending on the application.

Adhesive PP film

White, pearl, transparent, or metallic adhesive polypropylene film stands out thanks to its strength. It just will not rip. However, this makes it less flexible and therefore more suitable for inflexible surfaces. Our most used type of film. Combined with a variety of adhesives, depending on the application.



Our technological capacity provides a wide range of applications. We have both flexographic printing machines and digital technology at our disposal. This production versatility makes us a comprehensive partner. We are able to assist with both large and small batch production, from basic materials to more complex, bespoke solutions.

Printing technologies

Digital printing is based only on digital material that is transferred directly to the machine. On the other hand, flexographic printing needs a printing plate, which must be produced regardless of the size of the job. However, these costs only enter the printing process during first production.

Print quality

Print precision and customer satisfaction are our alfa and omega. 100% print quality control, special flexographic plates from ASAHI, and premium technological equipment, all help us to keep print quality and overall service at the highest possible level. A wide range of finishing processes also enables us to achieve perfect results. Let your product shine.


Hot or cold embossing, holographic elements, lamination and special varnishes, the use of rotary screen printing, and much more. Thanks to a range of finishing equipment, our variety of finishing options is really wide. Feel free to contact us with any enquiries, we will be delighted to discuss printing options with you.

DPG symbol

Option to print the DPG symbol. Thanks to our license, under certain conditions we can also mark your product with this special symbol. It is used on the German market.

Labels marked with the DPG logo are printed under a special security regime and subsequently stored as valuables.

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