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Wash-off labels

Sofisticated adhesive foil which can be removed easily in water bath.

Technology Description


It's transparent and this makes it look like there isn't any label on the product. An optimal product for refundable beverage packagings. This special material was developed for refundable bottles. Thanks to specific qualities it allows flawless removal in water bath of certain temperature without any chemical substances. The label peels off the packaging and rolled up leaves for good. Compared to conventional beer labels transparent materials can be used. This marketing advantage opens new horizons at graphical design.



  • White or transparent foils (PE, PP), AL foil
  • Clear foil for the no-label-look 
  • Wash-off foils (PE, PP)
  • Metallic papers - in gold or silver


  • Printing of up to eight colours
  • Complete or partial coat of UV ink
  • Priming with white ink
  • Embossing in gold or silver