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We have been producing self-adhesive labels for 27 years and we are sticking to it. During this time we have grown into one of the largest printing houses in the Czech Republic with a wide range of products.


Our product portfolio includes a wide range of self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging, shrink sleeve packaging, laminate printing, and bespoke reel prints.
You can also take inspiration from our sector-divided portfolio for better orientation.

Industry solutions

We supply our products to a wide range of customers. Each industry solution has its own specifics and special needs. The experience gained over the lifetime of Colognia press is our unique contribution to the professional cooperation we enjoy with many diverse clients.


We use the best machines in the world, operated by true masters of their craft. And it shows in our quality. 

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Promotional labels and flexible packaging and tubes for marketing purposes offer a range of opportunities to make your product more attractive and ensure it stands out from the competition. There are various creative, functional, and interactive solutions to attract attention or integrate a product line in a marketing campaign.

Packaging specifics in marketing

Our marketing agency customers are interested in precise and original packaging solutions that stand out in the market. Creatives, graphic designers, and others in the industry are taking advantage of the opportunity to link overall product design with the concept of a communication strategy and unique branding, including label interactivity as part of various competitions and campaigns. We like challenges at Colognia, and we will find the best possible solution for you.

Packaging types in marketing

A very popular option, if you need more space for your text, are peel-off labels, which also act as a fun way to reach the customer. We can print up to 3 layers, where the top part of the label can display information or branding, while additional messages can be placed on the other layers after peeling. In addition to graphic labels, for marketing purposes we also produce shrink sleeves for full body application, flexible packaging and laminate tubes.

Technologies used

In the context of marketing needs, smaller production runs are most common. Production starts from a few hundred pieces on our digital machine. We offer customers the opportunity to be present at print launches, and we provide free proofs as standard. We are able to produce all types of packaging (not just graphic labels) using digital printing technology, which is well worth using if you want to test how a product will appeal to the end consumer – we can create a range of different designs as part of a customer survey.

With increasing production volumes, it is then easy to switch to flexographic printing machines.

Finishing is essential for marketing

Printing on promotional product packaging offers a wide range of possibilities for further finishing. We can produce a scratch-off layer under which the necessary text can be placed. Another option is to produce packaging with variable and unique data, or to apply an ink that reacts to changes in external temperature. We have special HP Smart Stream software that ensures the uniqueness of each and every one of your products by automatically graphically modifying the prepared background. We also offer soft touch varnishes, holographic embossing films, or the overprinting of classic films.

Materials used

By combining the right material, precision printing, and screen printing with finishing options such as embossing, we manufacture products with high added value. Our portfolio includes a wide range of materials with different properties and functions. For demanding customers, various structured papers and special films are available. For the environmentally conscious, we have materials with recycled content or industrially compostable materials. We have something for everyone!

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