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Why choose us

Colognia press is growing on the printing market continuously since 1996

We are one of the most innovative printers in Central Europe with a portfolio of products including self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging, shrink sleeve labels and printing of laminates.


Customized Ordering

We love new challenges. We like searching and finding solutions together with the customer.


DTP/CTP studio

Our DTP/CTP studio reduces the error occurrence next to zero.



We are certified in all important areas of quality and safe work environment.


Customer service

Individual approach, our language knowledge and order status on our intranet are at the fingers of our customers.

Other reasons to work with Colognia press a.s.

  • consignment warehouse to speed up orders
  • track the order status on the client intranet
  • a broad technological and finalization portfolio
  • DPG certificate

Case studies

switchle-1-4357fcda10bfa2aafffdf067805821fa_pink.jpg switchle_1.jpg

Healthy Sales Group - Switchle

A challenge of the 21th century - an order to print graphically impeccable and technically demanding labels on cans of refreshing beverage "Switchle".

vitana-sleeve-5-c887815baf274c0237bc0619436710fd_blue.jpg vitana-sleeve_5.jpg


Vitana is an up-to-date food processing company. 
Currently, Vitana employs 600 employees.


Printing Technologies

Asahi AWP™ plates: The best print quality and another step towards sustainability

At the end of 2014, we installed technology for the production of AWP™ flexographic printing plates from ASAHI Kasei. Today, we can safely say that we have significantly increased our print quality, improved the production time of the machine and reduced the negative impact that their production has on the environment.

Awards and Certifikations

Colognia Press won prestigious competition Obal roku 2020

We are proud to announce that the packaging team from Colognia press have won the ultimate packaging accolade – Obal roku 2020 in the category of “Beauty products” for moisturizing hand cream with the scent of apricots made by Manufaktura.


At the webinar, we showed our customers how they can be more eco-friendly

At the end of last year, our first webinar focused on ecological materials took place. We tried to show our customers what materials are currently available on the market and how they could include them in their portfolio.