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At the webinar, we showed our customers how they can be more eco-friendly

At the end of last year, our first webinar focused on ecological materials took place. We tried to show our customers what materials are currently available on the market and how they could include them in their portfolio.

At the webinar, we showed our customers how they can be more eco-friendly

Brief recapitulation

Let's recap the main highlights from these three lessons, loaded with practical examples and deep-seated ideas from our amazing lecturers. Several speakers spoke at the webinar. First of all, our sales director Aleš Paula took the floor, warmly welcoming all participants and concisely summarizing in a few sentences how our printing house approaches ecology.


Our webinar in numbers

  • ​3 hours full of knowledge and news
  • 5 lecturers from 3 areas (printing house, adhesive materials, ecodesign)
  • a total of 18 participants

Presentation of ecological materials directly from the source

The first speakers were Vojta Rosina and David Hloušek from Avery Dennison, a multinational manufacturer and distributor of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials (such as self-adhesive labels). The gentlemen first spoke about sustainability in general - about the goals we set ourselves as a state within the framework of pan-European goals, but also about the personal responsibility of all of us.

Subsequently, they showed a really wide portfolio of products that are currently available on the market. They presented materials with a share of recycled materialcompostable materials and slightly more specific materials made from renewable sources and with organic additives. They explained not only the possibilities of their use, including advantages and differences, but also the wide possibilities of their marketing concept.

In addition, they outlined other expected developments in the market for ecological materials.

The printing house can also be environmentally friendly

Our product manager Jirka Havránek smoothly followed Aleš's introduction. He presented more in detail the individual steps by which we are slowly but surely trying to move beyond our vision - to behave more and more with respect to the environment.

In addition to the offer of FSC-certified materials, it is worth mentioning the processing of the waste grid and the base carrier. We are currently able to crush and easily separate both individual types of materials. We also achieve significant savings thanks to an efficient production planning system that constantly recalculates all orders and composes them as optimally as possible. For flexographic printing, we use special ASAHI printing plates, which ensure, among other things, much more environmentally friendly operation - ordinary water with soap is sufficient for their washing.

At the same time, we are aware that a significant amount of waste related to labels is also generated by our customers. Therefore, we offer customers a sophisticated core recycling system and we can offer them pick-up of the waste liner.

Last but not least, the label design should be eco-friendly

At the end, there was a presentation by Míša Thomas, the owner and design director at the design studio Butterflies & Hurricanes, which strives to make the world a better place through ecodesign. As they say: "We are a packaging design firm seeking to help companies reduce packaging waste."

Míša very aptly and uniquely assessed the current situation on the packaging market. She explained the difference between marketing and “mattering” and emphasized that we only have one planet and that it must be treated with the greatest possible respect.

Butterflies & Hurricanes are also the authors of the design of unique stickers, which we printed on samples of six different "eco" materials and then sent them to all participants before the webinar started.

Let's do it together

Take a look at the short teaser from the last webinar and get a better idea of the spirit in which the three hours were carried. The next webinar will take place in a few days. Unfortunately, it will be held in the Czech language, but we are also preparing an English one. If you are interested, please let us know by email jiri.havranek@cologniapress.com and we will contact you.

Let's take these little steps for a better future together.

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