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We have been producing self-adhesive labels for 27 years and we are sticking to it. During this time we have grown into one of the largest printing houses in the Czech Republic with a wide range of products.


Our product portfolio includes a wide range of self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging, shrink sleeve packaging, laminate printing, and bespoke reel prints.
You can also take inspiration from our sector-divided portfolio for better orientation.

Industry solutions

We supply our products to a wide range of customers. Each industry solution has its own specifics and special needs. The experience gained over the lifetime of Colognia press is our unique contribution to the professional cooperation we enjoy with many diverse clients.


We use the best machines in the world, operated by true masters of their craft. And it shows in our quality. 

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Gallus Labelfire 340

Gallus Labelfire 340

The Gallus Labelfire 340 hybrid printing machine is designed for printing self-adhesive labels. These labels are characterized by their high printing quality, color resistance and a wide range of refinements.

The Gallus Labelfire 340 combines the best of both worlds – the unrivaled quality of highly efficient digital UV printing with the productivity and speed of flexo printing. This brings a number of benefits, such as speeding up production, increasing efficiency and providing completely new printing options.

Benefits of the machine

  • High printing quality (1200 DPI)
  • Short and medium-size orders
  • Up to 4 flexo printing units with wide finishing options
  • Digital injection unit capable of printing up to 8 colors
  • Semi-rotary cutting or offline laser cutting
  • Screen printing simulation using the DEU unit
  • All refining and finishing processes in one production operation

Detailed machine specifications

The Gallus Labelfire 340 is designed for printing self-adhesive labels. The machine combines the latest digital printing technology with the advantages of conventional printing. Hence the designation "hybrid". In addition to classic flexo printing units, the machine also includes other aggregates that allow us to apply various embellishments and finishing processes in one production operation.

Our machine is configured for short and medium-long orders. At the beginning, there are 2 flexo printing units, one of which you can use e.g. to apply embossing film. This is followed by a digital inkjet printing unit and behind it again 2 flexo printing units, between which there is a special DEU unit. The machine is finished with semi-rotary cutting, or the possibility of combining it with offline laser cutting.


The combination of digital white, CMYK, orange, violet and green means we can cover a large part of the PANTONE color gamut.

Material width and print speed

The maximum possible input width of material is 340 mm. This allows us to print in multiple productions side by side and thus save material, time, energy and your money.

Compared to classic digital printing, with the Gallus Labelfire we achieve a higher processing speed. This machine can print at speeds up to 70 bm/min. That is roughly twice as fast as a classic digital machine.


Screen printing even for short series

The DEU unit is an alternative to classic screen printing. It is intended for the digital application of relief varnish up to a height of 100 microns. Its advantage is that you do not have to pay the cost of the screen printing. It is therefore affordable even for short-term orders.

The relief varnish is applied using inkjet heads and is precise even for fine details. In addition, we can apply cold embossing to it and thus achieve the effect of a metallic relief, the so-called metallic doming.


The Gallus Labelfire is our first printing machine that uses an LED color drying system for flexo printing units. The advantages over classic UV technology include:

  • Significantly lower energy consumption
  • Lower CO2 emissions, completely mercury-free and ozone-free
  • Longer service life
  • Lower need for maintenance
  • Instant drying of colors
  • Minimum time to warm up/cool down the entire system

Thanks to this, the machine maximizes productivity, helps protect the environment and achieves significant energy savings compared to classic UV technology.


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