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Shrink sleeves

Shrink sleeve is a modern and fast-growing segment of packaging which allows to print a maximum of surface on the most demanding packagings.


Product description


Shrink sleeves are packagings materials which are pulled over the product by 360°and then drawn together by hot air or steam.



PVC foils, PET G, OPS


  • The complete surface of packaging can be used for marketing purposes
  • Scanning of real product sample on 3D scanner
  • Corrections on 3D model
  • High stability of print - printing on the inside of the shrink sleeve
  • Production of small and huge batches
  • Suitable for complex shapes where adhesive label cannot be applied
  • Suitable as safety elements, eg. like cover for bottle caps
  • Protection of the packaging
  • Cold embossing
  • Vertical and horizontal perforation
  • Matte finish
  • DPG