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We supply our products to a wide range of customers. Each industry solution has its own specifics and special needs. The experience gained over the lifetime of Colognia press is our unique contribution to the professional cooperation we enjoy with many diverse clients.


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We were awarded a contract for the artistically impeccable and technically demanding printing of Switchle cans

We were awarded a contract for the artistically impeccable and technically demanding printing of Switchle cans

Healthy Sales Group

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Healthy Sales Group handle the manufacturing and marketing activities of the UK's leading health food companies. They provide comprehensive services for an entire dynamic industry that is currently on the rise. They help established producers continue to grow. And they launch new, trusted brands.

Who is behind the Healthy Sales Group?​

The company is headed by the experienced Cliff Moss, who has previously held senior director positions at Green & Blacks, Whole Earth Foods, and other firms. His team includes top managers and marketing specialists. Being approached by them can be regarded, without exaggeration, as a sign of appreciation and trust. We won this job in March 2018.

Client requirements

The customer contacted us thanks to a recommendation by BEVERAGESCOUTS from Austria, for whom we have been printing shrink vinyl can packaging for about 1 year. The client required a perfect graphic design for this complete series of 3 motifs/types of labels. In order to stick with the direct Pantone colour of the main motif, we went for conventional flexo printing.

The client was very meticulous. He even flew in specially from the UK for the start of production and to personally approve the graphic design of the label. The result was, in his words, very positive and he was pleasantly surprised by the quality of our printing and service in general.

Switchle – new to the UK market

Cliff Moss and his marketers have a good feel for the needs of the market. They know where to find and how to come up with attractive products. They purposefully discover new products and introduce them to the public. One example is a unique soft drink, based on fresh spring water and sweet apple cider with honey, added to which are natural juices, flavours, rooibos tea extract, and vitamin C. Rooibos boasts powerful antioxidants. Pomegranates are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, and bioactive plant compounds. The added turmeric is noted for its anti-inflammatory effects, while the ginger is packed with nutrients and bioactive compounds that healthily stimulate body and brain.

Switchle is refreshing, low in calories, and helps maintain a great figure. It comes in three blended flavours. The perennially popular raspberry and pomegranate are joined by the increasingly trendy flavours of turmeric, ginger and rooibos – extracted from the Cape tea bush. South Africans have been enjoying rooibos drinks for generations. And now, thanks to Switchle, this refreshing taste is making its way around the world and triumphantly conquering other regions.

This beverage not only has great qualities, but also a compelling story. Its tradition runs deep into history – almost two and a half thousand years of it, in fact. Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, was already prescribing fresh apple cider with honey to strengthen immunity and soundness of mind. Ages have passed and the popular drink has lost none of its appeal. From the 17th century, a new chapter was added to the chronicles of soft cider. It was written – spelled "Switchel" – by hard-working farmers who cultivated the harsh wilderness of the American Midwest, turning it into a fertile land through toil and sweat. And it was "Switchel", containing only healthy natural components, that deliciously refreshed them in the baking fields on hot days.

Today's Switchle is based on these excellent traditions and is distinguished by its great taste and quality. It is marketed by the Healthy Sales Group. No wonder then, that in the competition for the prestigious Judges Choice Award at the pan-European Natural & Organic Awards, it fought its way to the very top against tough competition, leaving three hundred other new food and cosmetic products in its wake.

The professionals around Cliff Moss are very aware that a high-quality product is essential. But to stimulate consumer demand, it is equally important to offer the product in a modern way, with top-quality packaging and printing. The specialists at Healthy Sales Group left nothing to chance. They were looking for experienced and reliable suppliers for both packaging and printing who would not only impress with perfect samples, but who could also guarantee high quality across all deliveries and throughout the entire cooperation. We are honoured they entrusted this task to us.

This product brings not only a great flavours, but also a wonderful story. And our high-quality printing helps carry that story forward. The delicate floral ornamental graphics evoke the "good old days" of Victorian England and combine them perfectly with the comic motifs of the tough years of American westward settlement.

Our solution

We used an self-adhesive label made of fasson shrink vinyl, while the packaging was made using flexo printing technology. We managed to suitably reconcile the distinctive characteristics of the label, print, and substrate. The graphic design blends harmoniously with the metallic material, and creates an impressive metallic effect. The label has a luxurious look, and is perfectly resistant to condensation.


Switchle_Matcha.jpg Switchle_Rooibos.jpg switchle-1-4357fcda10bfa2aafffdf067805821fa Switchle_Turmeric.jpg Switchle_2.jpg

Our assessment

The drink has been tried and tested over the centuries, and our perfect printing only brings out its strengths even more. This challenging and prestigious contract really captured our imagination. We set to work with gusto and enthusiasm. We put in not just bags of experience and professional skill, but also sincere passion and all our hearts.

And our work was also deservedly appreciated. In June 2018, we received the Czech prestiguous award Obal roku in Beverage cathegory, and in November 2018, the prestigious WorldStar Award from the World Packaging Organisation. We consider it a privilege to have been there, and to be part of the triumphant cross-continental campaign of this successful product.

Client feedback

"Aleš Paula and his team were simply fantastic at every step. Their attention to detail and quality was phenomenal, as was their hospitality. We couldn't be happier with the result. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Colognia team for any printing needs."

– Carlo from Healthy Sales Group

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